साईराज सुतार (Sairaj Sutar)


Mission Philosophy jeevanvidya is a philosophy of life and an art of living. It aims at achieving material prosperity and attaining spiritual progress through relentless efforts, on the basis of circumstances as they stand.OrganisationFormerly known as Nam Sampraday Mandal,

Jeevanvidya Mission was established in the year 1955. Since its inception in 1955, Jeevanvidya Mission operates on a non-profit basis with hundred percent non paid volunteers from trustees to every participant for sole purpose to make Jeevanvidya philosophy easily accessible to masses for spiritual upliftment and empowerment of people.

Jeevanvidya Mission is registered with the Charity Commissioner in 1980, Reg. No. : E 7733, Mumbai. The activities of Jeevanvidya Mission include: Conducting Discourses. Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai's discourses are organized all over Western India for last 50 years. In 1998, a lecture series of Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai was held in USA.Publication of books. More than 50 books are published, mainly in Marathi. However, some books are also published in other languages such as Hindi, English, Gujarati & Kannada."Deepastambha" magazine is published quarterly.Conducting courses. Jeevanvidya Basic Courses and Advanced courses are conducted covering various topics of Jeevanvidya Philosophy.


Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai is a learned philosopher and the founder of the innovative philosophy of Jeevanvidya. Born in Mumbai, India, on October 21, 1923, in a middle class family, he did his graduation from Mumbai University, Maharashtra, India, in 1944, majoring in Economics. He enjoys a happy married life and has a son and a daughter who are well-settled. He was employed in the Maharashtra State Government from where he retired as a Deputy Secretary, Finance in the year 1981.

At the very young age of around 25 years, he was initiated into spiritualism by his guru Shri Nana Maharaj Srigondekar. He attained the highest goals of spiritual sadhana (self realisation) by his devoted and relentless efforts. The bliss and satisfaction that he experienced expelled him to impart the spiritual knowledge to others. With the blessings of his Satguru, Shri Wamanrao Pai started delivering discourses on spiritualism from the year 1952 at Spiritual Centre and Vivekananda Centre in Bombay. Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai and his followers felt that a trust should be set up for the spiritual upliftment and empowerment of the people and, accordingly, a trust call Nam Sampraday Mandal (now known as Jeevanvidya Mission) was set on Dassera day in 1955. Nam Sampraday Mandal was officially registered with the Charitable Commissioner, Mumbai, in 1979.

Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai does not charge fees for lectures & discourses he delivers.

He has also inspired his disciples (Namdharaks) to work selflessly for the work of Jeevanvidya. He has authored more than 25 Books in last 50 years for sole purpose of making Jeevanvidya philosophy easily accessible to masses. He does not accept any royalties, fees or any remuneration for all the books he has written.

He has delivered more than ten thousand discourses and lectures on "Jeevanvidya" throughout India in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Belgaum Karnataka and in 1998 for the first time also in U.S.A. Again all these lectures are always delivered free of cost to attendees.